10′ Aluminum 200 Series 2-Way Stepladder – Type 1A 300 lb. Rated


Material: Aluminum
Weight Rating: 300 lbs.
Type: Type 1A
Highest Standing Level: 7’6″
Bottom Width: 29.50″
Ladder Weight: 50 lbs.
Series: 200 Series

Other sizes available:

Ladder Specs

Part # Size Highest Standing Level Bottom Width Approx. Spread Approx. Weight Approx. Cube
20010 10’ 7'6" 29.50" 89.75" 50 lbs. 20.1

200 Series features

Type 1A 2-Way Step Ladder

300 lbs. capacity

Heavy-Duty Aluminum Side Rails

Makes for a super-strong ladder.

Steel Inside Spreaders

Nothing is worse than a ladder that won’t close up properly. These tough speaders ensure that doesn’t happen.

Non-Slip Safety Shoes with Rubber Treads

Keeps your step-ladder right where it’s supposed to stary.

Molded Top Cap

The unique design in our Molded Top Cap holds tools, fasteners and other small parts for easy access and provides strong impact resistance.

More Gentle Climbing Angle

A 20° climbing angle reduces worker fatigue and is more comfortable to climb than our competition’s ladder.

Weight50 lbs


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