12′ Fiberglass 361 Series Combination Ladder Type 1AA 375 lb. Rated


Material: Fiberglass
Weight Rating: 375 lbs.
Type: Type 1AA
Extended Length: 9’5″
Highest Standing Level: 5’4″
Ladder Width: 23.5″
Ladder Weight: 37 lbs.
Series: 361 Series

Other sizes available:

Ladder Specs

Part # Size Extended Length Highest Standing Level Bottom Width Approx. Spread Approx. Weight Approx. Cube
36106 12’ 9'5" 5'4"" 23.5" 46" 37 lbs. 6.1

361 Series features

Type 1AA Combination Ladder

375 lbs. capacity

Solid Aluminum Rivet Construction

Solid aluminum rivet construction at critical stress points is stronger than tubular steel rivets and results in a longer service life for your ladder.

Riveted Rung-To-Rail Design

Our high-profile, slip-resistant D-shaped rungs are riveted to the side rails to facilitate replacement and are more durable than direct rung-to-rail designs.

Padded V-Pole Grip

The heavy gauge steel pole grip is padded to provide extra traction when using a pole as a support point.

Sliding Guides

Vinyl coated sliding guides help protect the side rails from excessive wear and assist in smooth operation of the ladder when changing heights.

Safety Red Rungs

Highest standing level is clearly defined and has never been easier to determine. It’s easy, don’t stand on red!

Hoop Shoes

Extra-large padded hoop shoes provide added grip and stability in both stepladder and extension ladder positions.

361 series
Standard Features Bauer 361
Type 1AA 375 lb. Rated*
Non-Conductive Side Rails
Solid Aluminum Rivet Construction
Padded Rigid "V" Pole Grip
Wide Hoop Style Shoes
Steel Locking Hardware
Vinyl Coated Sliding Guides
High Profile Round Rungs
Heavy-Duty Pinch Resistant Steel Spreaders
Padded Non-Marring End Caps
Stepladder Allows Two Workers
Can Be Used As Step or Extension Ladder
Zinc-Plated Steel Hardware
Safety Yellow Side Rails

Add On Options:


Ladder racks are a ladders worst enemy! Bauer has designed a protective rail guard that absorbs the abrasion and vibration that is harmful to ladders. Your ladders will last longer!


Bauer is the only manufacture to offer poly coating to provide added protection from harmful UV rays.


  • Levelers instantly and automatically adjusts to any uneven surface. No levers, locks or pins to manually adjust.
  • Legs automatically adjust up to 9 inches allowing for use with steps and sloped terrain.
  • Levelers are easily installed in the field, or can be purchased factory installed.
  • Tested to meet or surpass all current and proposed U.S.A. and International safety standards.
Weight37 lbs

WITHOUT Shoes or End Caps, WITH 2-Way Shoes


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