20′ Fiberglass Extension Ladder with Pole Grip- Type 1AA 375 lb. Rated


Material: Fiberglass
Weight Rating: 375 lbs.
Type: Type 1AA
Highest Standing Level: 13’6″
Ladder Width: 17.75″
Ladder Weight: 47 lbs.
Series: 313 Series

Other sizes available:

Ladder Specs

Part # Size Extended Length Highest Standing Level Bottom Width Approx. Weight Approx. Cube
31320 20’ 17' 13'6" 17.75" 47 lbs. 8.0

313 Series features

Type 1AA fiberglass Extension Ladder with factory installed cable hook/pole grip combo

375 lbs capacity  

3″ Longer Fly Section

With the side rails being 3” longer; the weight and force of the ladder is dispersed along the side rails of the ladder, not just supported by the hooks.

Safety Red Rungs

Highest standing level is clearly defined. Don’t stand on red!

Center-Point Bull’s-Eye Label

Allows for easy determination of the center-point for the weight of the ladder for safe lifting and transportation.

Two-Way Suction Cup/Spike Shoe

The shoe attachments on the 313 series are reinforced with heavy gauge aluminum reinforcement sleeves to provide a stronger connection point for our suction cup/spike shoes.

Upgrade Rope 

Bauer doesn’t use the yellow or black slippery rope other ladder manufacturers use.  Our rope is larger in diameter and easier on the user’s hands!  
(16′ size does not come with rope and pulley system)

*16′ & 20′ sizes come with pole grip only. Cable hooks available upon request

313 Series - Type 1AA Fiberglass CATV Extension Ladder
Standard Features Bauer 313
Type 1AA 375 lb. Rated
Non-conductive Side Rails
Solid Aluminum Rivet Construction
Interlocking Side Rail Design
Riveted Rung-to-Rail Design
High Profile 'D' Shaped Rung
Cast Aluminum Rung Locks
3" Long Fly Section
2-Way Spike/Suction Cup Shoes
Center Point Bulls-Eye Label
Upgraded Rope & Pulley System*
Safety Red Rungs

*Rope & pulley not included on 16′ ladders

Add On Options:


Ladder racks are a ladders worst enemy! Bauer has designed a protective rail guard that absorbs the abrasion and vibration that is harmful to ladders. Your ladders will last longer!


Bauer is the only manufacture to offer poly coating to provide added protection from harmful UV rays.


  • Levelers instantly and automatically adjusts to any uneven surface. No levers, locks or pins to manually adjust.
  • Legs automatically adjust up to 9 inches allowing for use with steps and sloped terrain.
  • Levelers are easily installed in the field, or can be purchased factory installed.
  • Tested to meet or surpass all current and proposed U.S.A. and International safety standards.
Weight37 lbs


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