7′ Fiberglass 308 Series Stepladder – Type 1AA 375 lb. Rated


Material: Fiberglass
Weight Rating: 375 lbs.
Type: Type 1AA
Highest Standing Level: 4’9″
Bottom Width: 23.75″
Ladder Weight: 27 lbs.
Series: 308 Series

Other sizes available:

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Ladder Specs

Part # Size Highest Standing Level Bottom Width Approx. Spread Approx. Weight Approx. Cube
30807 7’ 4'9" 23.75" 58.5" 27 lbs. 13.1

308 Series features

Type 1A Step Ladder

300 lbs. capacity

Solid Aluminum Rivet Construction

Solid aluminum rivet construction at critical stress points is stronger than tubular steel rivets and results in a longer service life for your ladder.

Bauer Boot Shoes

Our innovative, non-marring, Boot Shoes provide complete side rail protection and greater surface contact for increased slip resistance over competitive models.

Pinch-Resistant Internal Spreaders

Heavy duty, pinch-resistant spreaders are mounted internally to prevent damage during transport.

Formed, Zinc-plated Steel Supports

Formed, zinc-plated steel supports under top and bottom steps and cross braces for added rigidity.

Molded Top Cap

The unique design in our Molded Top Cap holds tools, fasteners and other small parts for easy access and provides strong impact resistance.

More Gentle Climbing Angle

A 20° climbing angle reduces worker fatigue and is more comfortable to climb than our competition’s ladder.

Standard Features Bauer 308
Type 1A 300 lb. Rated
Non-conductive Side Rails
Solid Aluminum Rivet Construction
Copolymer Molded Top Cap
20° Climbing Angle
Boot Shoe Design
Heavy Duty Pinch Resistant Internal Spreaders
Full Compliment of Back Braces
Formed Steel Supports Under Top and Bottom Back Braces
Steel Reinforcements Plates
Formed Steel Double-Support Design Under Bottom Step
Formed Steel Supports Under Every Step
Zinc-plated Steel Hardware
Safety Yellow Side Rails
Weight27 lbs


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