Why Choose Bauer Ladder?

Since 1917, Bauer is a manufacturer of professional grade portable ladders, specifically for people that require a ladder to do their daily job.  We make ladders with the intent it will be used every day, many times throughout the day.  Through better craftmanship, design, and components, Bauer ladders are built differently, better!

As a manufacturer focusing on the professional user, Bauer provides several value-added safety features standard on our ladders.  These features enhance safety and improve durability 

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35006-for callout


A second OSHA/ANSI weight capacity label is placed on the inside of the side rail helping you avoid costly OSHA fines for missing or illegible labels. 1 of 3


Bauer step ladders have an gentler climbing angle so it’s easier on the user’s body to use. This also increases the spread of the ladder making it more stable. 2 of 3


Down to the smallest component Bauer ladders are different, better! We use solid stem rivets which provides a more rigid, longer lasting ladder. 3 of 3

extra Optional Features

  • Lightweight Extensions
  • Poly Coating
  • Strand Grabber
  • Protective Rail Guard
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The highest climbing level on an extension ladder has never been easier to determine! It’s easy, don’t stand on red! 1 of 3


A larger diameter, poly plus rope lasts longer and is much easier on the user’s hands! 2 of 3


Allows for easy determination of the center-point for the weight of the ladder for safe lifting and transportation. This label may help minimize injuries and costly worker’s comp claims. 3 of 3

Bauer also offers best in class service along with the shortest lead times in the industry. We ship better than 98% of our orders complete, within quoted lead times; and if you are in a hurry, we can typically expedite orders upon request at no charge to you. Quickly getting your ladder does not help if it arrives to you damaged. While freight damage is a common problem in the ladder industry, our packaging is the best in the ladder industry. Between robust packaging and working hand in hand with our carriers, we have almost eliminated shipping damage claims.

Best in class Customer Service, Best in class lead times, Best in class Shipping. Try the Professional’s choice and see why Bauer is the serious ladder users’ choice!

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